To make sure the smart phones are totally functioning and error-free, every device that enters our warehouse goes through a thorough electronic examination. They receive grades ranging from Grade A+ Pristine to Grade B for their outward look following the electronic test.

You can always fulfill the demands of your consumers thanks to our market-leading, incredibly trustworthy, and consistent grading system.



ALR offers a variety of grades. Our grades include A+, A , AB and B. They are graded from several aspects, including appearance, screen, housing/bezel, battery etc. Each of these devices has passed all key functional tests. We guarantee that the motherboard has no bending deformation and no water damage. No expansion memory and no single board assembly machine will be provided. When you buy from ALR, you know exactly what you are getting, regardless of which stock you sell.


Grade A+

Grade A+ devices look like new and show no signs of wear and tear. Flawless, just like a brand new phone. No signs of scratches and spots on screen, housing and frame.


Grade A

Grade A devices show only minor visible signs of scratches, not any cracks or spots. Minor blemishes are present that are only covered upon close inspection . Condition is very good of grade A devices.


Grade AB

Grade AB devices have small scratches on screen and housing. Small visible spots can also be seen on back. No existence of cracks on device. Condition is termed as good for AB devices.


Grade B

Grade B devices can have visible scratches on screen , housing also visible spots on back. Condition is termed as used of grade B devices.