ALR GROUP is dedicated to providing a one-stop approach for trading various electric goods for electronics dealers, merchants, and online sellers. Our company strives to deliver the highest-quality goods and first-rate customer support. All the electronic products and their spare parts are authentic. We never compromise on quality of our products and services that we provide. This is the reason we are expanding our trading from Europe to worldwide now. Visit and look through our website for the detailed insights of our business and operations.

Moreover, ALR Group also helps businesses by consulting them in trading, helping them to establish their own business in different fields of trading. Our experienced consultants have a firm grip and knowledge in guiding other people and businesses to get their gains in more authentic and efficient way. We are always happy to guide you through just contact us and get consultation for your business through our website or call. Clients also sell us used phones and accessories in bulk.

We trade in all kind of electronics, we only deal in wholesale market. We source the goods from countries like China and United Arab Emirates, if you are looking to trade something from these countries or willing to start your own business, we can help you in that as well.


Wholesale Used Phone

We provide high quality, well maintained  used mobile phones worldwide. Our smart phones are carefully rated according to their functionality and appearance. To assure our consumers that every dollar they spend is worthwhile, the price is established based on the actual quality of our goods and services.

We deal with famous manufacturers of smart phones such as Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi and onePlus. Complete variety of spare parts and smart phones are also available. We also extend our product line to newer smart phones as well.  It is always our aim to fulfil the demand of the client by providing good quality product.


Wholesale Repairing



The ALR GROUP has established itself as a noteworthy and well-rounded commercial organisation with the vast experience of repairing the smartphones and tablets and the wholesale trader of accessories and spare parts as well. We are always available to quickly and affordably fix your smart phones and gadgets. Everything from cracked screens to battery issues can be fixed by us. We deal with many brands, but primarily Apple and Samsung electronics.


Moreover, we deal with the computerized issues and errors that your iPhone shows regarding malfunction in the software or a battery issue. Long story short, if you will get your smart phone repaired by our professionals you will get a feel that the work is done by the manufacturing company itself. As we deal in bulk products, many of our clients are happy availing the repairing services provided by ALR GROUP.


Screen Replacement & Repairing

The majority of phones drop to the ground and either break the glass or develop horizontal and vertical lines on the screen. We offer quick and simple phone screen replacement and repair services. You have to keep in mind that the spare parts used by our company are all authentic.

Camera Replacement & Repair

Is the camera on your smart phone broken? You are not able to take beautiful pictures from your smart phone's camera due to malfunction? We can help you with that, you can get your phon fixed by using our services to restore the camera on your phone. It will be checked if the camera is damaged by hardware or software. Then it will be fixed by repairing it or just replacing it with a new camera hardware.

Charging Port Replacement & Repair

There are multiple reasons that the charging port of your smart phone stops working or just not works so efficiently. One of the main reasons are dropping your phone, second is when the port get electric jerk suddenly and the third one is carbon or dust gathering on the metal part of the charging port. Mishandling and carelessly putting charging pins in the port can also damage it, our professionals at ALR GROUP know how to repair and they are fully equipped to solve your issue.

Cracked Glass Replacement & Repair

The glass of the smart phone is very delicate part of the device and it should be treated as it is. Sometimes due to pressure or hit on the screen the glass breaks which effects the performance of the screen and touch. We offer our clients repair and replacement services of such glass with our high quality glass in stock.

Wholesale Spare Parts/ Accessories

ALR GROUP is known for the trade of smart phones particularly their spare parts and the accessories. We deliver spare and accessories to many of our clients and everyday we get more clients with their demands. The key to our progress is that we only deal with the company build products and the quality of our spare parts is good that we never faced any complaints regarding our products or their quality. Since 2004 in Germany till date in UAE we made a firm grip on both sides, we pick top quality products and sell it to other small dealers. The demand never stops as we provide them with the best products available in the market in reasonable price. The spare parts that we trade include batteries, cables, chargers and displays screens also glass.