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Batteries, battery management systems, displays, chargers and other accessories such as glass are just a few of the spare parts of smart phone that ALR GROUP supplies. These components are all either original, new, reconditioned or Chinese copy. We promise that the components you receive are of the highest available qualities in the market.

Regardless of the inventory you sell, when you purchase from ALR GROUP, you always know what you will receive exactly. We deliver spare parts and accessories to many of our clients everyday worldwide.


We provide a variety of display alternatives, including original (OEM), reconditioned, and China copies. We sell displays for all famous brands of smart phones such as iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi and the list continues so on. These displays are of good quality and as good as genuine display.

Replacing the original screen in iPhone even with the new OEM screen shows the Important Display Message in your phones. These messages can't be removed unless you send your device to Apple for repair. We can fix this issue (Important Display Message) for you.




Usually, our clients ask us for cables and chargers for smart phones, our answer on their demand is always yes. We have a huge variety of chargers and cables for almost all of the smart phone’s brands.

We offer best parts in best prices.




There is a big issue with batteries in smart phones or electronic devices, with the passage of time the life of the battery gets reduced and your phone starts irritating you. With the built-in battery mechanism, not all users can change their smart phone’s battery by themselves, that's why we offer best battery replacement service in the market. Our customers buy batteries from us because our batteries are the best quality available in the market.

The iPhone XS and later models batteries have been encrypted by Apple. The Important Battery Message appears once you replace your iPhone battery. Experts have confirmed that whether you use an alternative battery or an original Apple battery, the Important Battery Message will always appear, only having your battery replaced by Apple Authorized Service Providers or Apple Stores will help you avoid the issue. We can also fix such issues with the help of experts at ALR GROUP.




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